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This component has been built so that Joomla! users can reset their passwords using their E-mail address alone. The reason we built it is we want to do away with the username requirement on our Joomla! websites. If a user can reset their password without their Username then they never really need to see what it is.

This component also bypasses the need for copying Joomla! access tokens

Simply enter an email address and a password reset link is sent to the user. They click the link and enter a new password. After that they are logged in.

Whats included:

  • A plugin that overrides the default Joomla password reset page.
  • A component where you can customise the E-mails that are sent to the user.
  • Free lifetime updates via the Joomla! update system.

How It Works

Simply Request a New Password...

Receive The Reset Email...

Choose a New Password...

And You Are Automatically Logged In!

  • Best of all No Tokens! No Hassle! No Fuss!
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